Fall Update 2013: Breathing Underwater

[singlepic id=181 w= h= float=left]Busy doesn’t come close to describing the situation at Lick Run. We have so many balls in the air it has been difficult to find time to keep the blog updated. Keeping our heads above water has become wishful thinking so it’s about time we start practicing to breathe underwater.

The market has been going strong and the winter greens we have planted are producing some tasty and healthy food. If you have not had the chance to come by market recently you’ll notice we’ve started doing things a little differently. Instead of prepping boxes of greens and other crops we are taking the time when a customer makes a purchase to cut exactly what they need. It takes a little longer but this helps us to provide the freshest product possible. This also helps shorten the prep time for market, allowing us to keep other projects going. We also have been eliminating any waste that might occur with overharvesting. We are hopeful that this method of providing food will also allow for customers to have a better experience. I have been inviting people into the grow beds to see what the plants look like and how things are grown, answer questions, and all the while having a good time getting to know each other better. We think this level of engagement fosters a closer community and commitment to serving each other in any way possible.

Work on the farm house has also been jump started. The metaphors of water can easily be carried over into our real experience. We had a few stumbling blocks getting the flat roofed section over the future market space redone which meant a few nerve-racking nights hoping the rain either held off or was minimal. The finished product looks great and is very sound. A special thanks to Corbin Prydwen of Prydwen Enterprises for all his continued support and especially his patience with us. Corbin is a proponent of sustainable neighborhood revitalization and is involved in restoring homes in Southwest Roanoke city.

[singlepic id=180 w= h= float=right]As winter settles in and work on the ground slows Hunter has found himself working more substitute teaching jobs. If you have students in the City or County they might end up with him as an instructor. Rick continues to focus on managing the business end, coordinating infrastructure improvements, managing animals and garden beds. With so much work still needing to get done, breathing underwater become the norm.

On a separate and very exciting note, Lick Run produce is now available at 16 West. S&W Market is carrying our Mizuna greens at the salad bar. You can watch out for other Lick Run products to be stocked in the future.

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